Conference on Emerging Themes in Strategy

Country: India

City: Gurgaon

Abstr. due: 10.12.2015

Dates: 25.02.16 — 26.02.16

Area Of Sciences: Economics and management;

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Organizers: Management Development Institute


The  concept  of  strategy  is  centuries  old.  However,  business  strategy  field  ha s come into picture mainly in the last century.  S trategy in business literature is a  relatively  newer  term  and  is still evolving.  In the  1960s the  focus  was on  long  range  planning,  in  1970s  on  portfolio  approach,  in  1980s  on  competitive  strategy  and  in  1990s  on  core  competencies  and  resource  based  view  o f  the  firm.  For  the  major  part  of  the  last  century  the  focus  of  business  strategy  has  been primarily on the USA, Western Europe and Japan and in their context. It is  understandable   because   firstly,   Europe   ha d taken   lead   in   the   Industrial  Revolution and USA became the dominant economic power post World War II  followed  by  Western  Europe  and  later  joined  by  Japan.  Secondly,  USA  ha d taken  a  lead  in  business  education  and  the  concept  of  strategy  has  found  its  origin  in  business  context  primarily  in  the   USA  (Pill ania,  2009).  There  are  various emerging themes in strategy at corporate, business and functional level  and this is the focus of this conference.  Some of these themes at corporate level  are  business  model,  family  business,  emerging  markets,  institutional  vi ew  etc.  Submissions  are  invited  on  various  aspects  of  emerging  themes  in  strategy  at  corporate - level ,    business - level    and    functional - level including    marketing  strategy, human resource strategy, financial strategy and operations strategy etc .

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