2016 International Conference on Design Engineering and Science

Country: Malaysia

City: Kuala Lumpur

Abstr. due: 10.12.2015

Dates: 27.02.16 — 29.02.16

Area Of Sciences: Technical sciences;

Organizing comittee e-mail: icdes@smehk.org

Organizers: SMEHK


Conference main topics:    (1) Design Methodology  Design process, Evaluation of design, Design assurance, Conceptual design, Ethics in design, Design strategy, Reliability, Mechatronics design  (2) Design and Development  Design of mechanical elements, Mechanical synthesis, Robotics, Linkage, Cam mechanism, Die cast, Biomedical device, Control system design, Welfare device, Vehicle dynamics design, Thermal design, Strength of materials, Human engineering  (3) Design and Production  Design management, Life cycle design, Producibility, Production planning, Inverse manufacturing, Reverse engineering, Recycling technology, Machine tool, Automation design, KANSEI  (4) CAD/CAM/CAE  Computer graphics, 2D/3D-CAD, CAM, Database, Tool path design, Expert system,Rapid prototyping, Finite element method, Optimization method, Dynamical simulation, Modeling, Artificial Intelligence  (5) Accuracy and Measurement  Surface characteristics, Tribology, Tolerance, Truncation, On-machine measurement,Industrial standard  (6) Design Education  Creative design education, Project based learning, CAI, Virtual reality, e-learning,Technology transfer, On hand learning, Robot contest, Active learning  (7) Others Related to Design Engineering and Science and Workshop with the Design Society and the Design Education SIG. 

Conference Web-Site: http://www.icdes.org/