Two day International Conference on “Re-engineering of library resources and services: challenges and opportunities

Country: India

City: Annamalai Nagar

Abstr. due: 20.01.2016

Dates: 05.02.16 — 06.02.16

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Organizers: Annamalai University


The traditional operation of academic libraries is in deep crisis. Primary reasons are the combination of zero growth funding, rapid escalating pricing on information resources (especially scientific journals), and necessary investments in technology, human resource development and increasing customer expectations. Re-engineering, which has been very popular in the business world during the 1990’s, is reinventing the way one does business and libraries are not an exception to this dynamic phenomenon. The rapid expansion of networked information services, together with the increased emphasis on quality assurance processes, highlights some interesting problems for academic libraries. While strategic planning in academic libraries now reflects a more customer-focused approach, the academic libraries are still firmly in the right business and that continuous improvement of existing practices will lead to greater customer satisfaction. As the traditional concept of library is changing towards digital library, the existing manual system should be re-engineered to cope with its changing environment Computerization of Library & Information is the primary step of re-engineering of Library and Information Services in Digital Era. Thus, modern libraries are increasingly being redefined as places to get unrestricted access to information in many formats and from a variety of sources. At this juncture in order to take stock of the current situation in libraries in India, the Library and Information Science Wing, Directorate of Distance Education, Annamalai University, has planned to organize two day International Conference on “Re-engineering of library resources and services: challenges and opportunities”.

Conference Objectives  

The Conference aims at providing both National and International platform to all stakeholders to address, discuss and debate issues related to the Library resources and services for the benefit of all sections of the society in the context o f re-engineering libraries in the light of developments in digital libraries.

Original research contributions are invited from the LIS Professionals on the following Theme.

 Themes and Sub-Themes:

    Transition of Libraries towards Re-engineering in the Digital era
    Digital Library/ Institutional Repositories: Initiatives, design and developments
    Digital Library Infrastructure, Standards and softwares
    Case study of Digital Resources and Services
    Content Management Systems and Digital Preservation
    Digital Right Management (DRM) and Digital Assets Management (DAM)
    IPR and Copyright Issues in the Re- engineering Libraries
    Emergence of Web Technologies including Cloud Computing and their application in re-engineering libraries
    Use of Social networks in re-engineering libraries
    User behavior in the digital library environment
    Role of Information Literacy programmes in re-engineering libraries
    Capacity building skills and competencies of the manpower in the re-engineering libraries
    Impact of Re-engineering on LIS education, training and research
    Librametrics to Webometrics


Library and Information Science Professionals from Academic Institutions, IT and Knowledge sectors, Policy makers, Knowledge seekers, Educationists, Researchers, Students, Distance Learners E-publishers/Vendors, Content Managers/Technology Managers, Government Officials / Planners / Media experts.

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