Polynomial Computer Algebra '2016

Country: Russian Federation

City: St. Petersburg

Abstr. due: 31.03.2016

Dates: 19.04.16 — 23.04.16

Area Of Sciences: Physics and math;

Organizing comittee e-mail: admin@euler.pdmi.ras.ru

Organizers: Euler International Mathematical Institute


The annual conference Polynomial Computer Algebra is devoted to polynomial algorithms in Computer Algebra. This field has a lot of applications both in theoretical and applied mathematics as well as in Computer Science. The conference PCA'2016 is the eighth in the series . The first one PCA'2008 commemorated Eugene Pankratiev who was a brilliant specialist in the field of Computer Algebra and Differential Algebra. The conference topics will include but not restricted to: Gröbner basesCombinatorics of monomial orderings Differential Gröbner basesD-modulesPolynomial differential operatorsInvolutive algorithms Computational algebraic geometryComputational group theoryComputational topologyParallelization of algorithmsAlgorithms of tropical mathematics Quantum computing Cryptography Tropical manifolds Matrix algorithms Complexity of algorithms

Conference Web-Site: http://pca.pdmi.ras.ru/2016/