W2 Professorship of Occupational Therapy

Country: Germany;


Vacancy added: 18.02.2016

Employer: Hochschule für Gesundheit Bochum (University of Applied Sciences)

Vacancy type: PostDoc vacancy;

For whom: For researchers;

Resumes due: 20.03.2016


The first state-funded Hochschule für Gesundheit (University of Applied Sciences) in Germany was founded in Bochum on November 1st, 2009. In the next few years, the University will offer about 1,300 spots for students in various health-related programs, thus playing an important role in making healthcare professions more academics-oriented and in optimizing care structures. The University is looking for dedicated employees who want to help shape its further development in the growth sector of healthcare – interdisciplinary, innovative, and open to new perspectives.

The following professorship is available in the Department of Applied Health Sciences, to be filled as soon as possible:

W2 Professorship of Occupational Therapy

Area of responsibility

The applicant will represent the specialized area of Occupational Therapy, preferably with a background in Occupational Science. In particular, responsibilities will include:

  • Teaching department-specific occupational therapy and inter-professional modules
  • Creating research activities that directly relate to occupational therapy, particularly including an interdisciplinary perspective
  • Supporting students during the practical program phases
  • Completed university degree in Occupational Therapy and/or Psychology/Social Science/Pedagogy/Human Medicine or a related area of specialization
  • Completed doctoral degree (Promotion)
  • Practical professional experience with client care in interdisciplinary/multi-professional healthcare contexts, in specialized healthcare professions that specifically relate to occupational therapy
  • Special talent for interdisciplinary cooperation
  • Research experience with occupational therapy and rehabilitation-related issues
  • Training as a state-certified occupational therapist and/or expertise in occupational science is preferred
  • Fluent in German (written and spoken)
General tasks

In addition to the applicable scientific skills, the University expects the applicant to contribute knowledge and professional experience that allow him/her to creatively and innovatively handle the special challenges associated with developing new areas of activity in the field of healthcare, and to help build targeted professionalization in healthcare professions. In addition, the applicant is expected to participate in further developing and evaluating the individual programs of study, and to help strengthen the University’s national and international reputation. Initiating research projects and third-party funding projects, and actively further developing the individual academic fields, is an important responsibility for the University’s instructors. In addition, the job description includes a commitment to reinforcing self-governance at the University. The programs of study at the Hochschule für Gesundheit are designed to be inter-professional, so the University expects a special degree of willingness and readiness to cooperate at an interdisciplinary level.

The hiring requirements as per § 36 Hochschulgesetz NRW (Higher Education Act) can be found on our website, www.hs-gesundheit.de, under the heading “Job listings.”

Applications from female scientists are explicitly desired. Women will be given priority in the event that two applicants have the same qualifications, skills and professional performance as long as there are no overriding personal reasons to hire the other applicant.

Applications from persons with severe disabilities will be given priority in the event that the applicants have the same qualifications.

Please submit your completed application in German language by March 20th, 2016 to

Hochschule für Gesundheit
Dezernat Personal
Sandra Schlösser
Gesundheitscampus 6-8
44801 Bochum


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