Cognitive Linguistics in 2016

Country: Poland

City: Olsztyn

Abstr. due: 15.04.2016

Dates: 22.09.16 — 24.09.16

Area Of Sciences: Humanities;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: Department of English Philology at the University of Warmia and Mazury


The abstract (200-300 words) should specify the research scope and objective, the adopted methodology and expected results.

We invite a broad range of papers within the discipline of Cognitive Linguistics and related fields. The topics below should be seen as an inspiration and not as a limitation in the scientific enterprise:

    Conceptual blending
    Language and the mind
    Cognitive linguistics and translation
    Cognitive linguistics from the pedagogical perspective
    Categorization in language
    Cognitive linguistics and text analysis
    Cognitive cultural linguistics/ ethno-linguistics
    Cognitive theory of film
    Cognitive linguistics and discourse analysis
    Conceptual metaphor and metonymy
    Metaphor in scientific discourse
    Force-dynamics model
    Cognitive poetics
    Cognitive semantics
    Cognitive sociolinguistic
    Embodiment (including extended and/or social embodiment)

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