The International Scientific Conference Men And Women. Differences, Similarities

Country: Poland

City: Rzescow

Abstr. due: 05.04.2015

Dates: 18.05.16 — 19.05.16

Area Of Sciences: Psychology; Sociology;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: University of Rzeszów



  1. Men  and  women - psychobiological  perspective:  the  neurobiology  of  behavior  associated with male and female sex, evolutionary determinants of behavior between  men and women, the problems of ag e ing  in  men  and women
  2. Gender  in  c ultural  perspective  - the  socio cultural  determinants  of  gender,  gender  stereotypes and ideologies of gender roles, gender images in the media
  3. Sexuality  of  men and women - biological and social  determinants of sexual behavior,  pattern s of sexual behavior, sexual dysfunction
  4. The  differences  and  similarities  between  men  and  women in  terms  of  cognitive,  emotional and personality structure
  5. Mental health of men and  wo men  - ways of coping with stress and illness , patterns of  mental  disorders  for  men  and  women,  the  return  to  health,  patterns  of  healthy  behavior in terms of mental functioning, violence agains t a partner in the relationship,  etc
  6. Men and women in  education  - methods of learning for  men and women , ada pting the  educational needs resulting from the separation of gender, teaching models
  7. Men and women in the public sphere  - politics, government, the situation of men and  wo men  in  the  labo u r  market , professional  activities,  relationships  between  men  and  wom en in the workplace


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