The 7th International Conference in Small Cinemas

Country: Poland

City: Krakow

Abstr. due: 30.04.2016

Dates: 28.09.16 — 30.09.16

Area Of Sciences: Cultural science;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: The Jagiellonian University


CONFLICT AND CONTROVERSY are at the basis of almost every political event communicated in the contemporary media, dominate media headlines and are present in popular culture and film on a large scale. Due to the vastness of the project, we seek the representation of conflict and controversy only in contemporary cinemas, including fiction film, documentary film, short film and private cinema, but disregarding other media like television and internet.
The foremost objective of this project is to examine, from the point of view of both interdisciplinary and intercultural studies, small cinemas and their presentation of society at its most vulnerable time when people experience conflicts of all kinds. Of specific interest is the phenomenon of resistance of small cinemas to social pressure, political influence, national controversies and historical past in the presentation of controversial phenomena in small cinemas.
In their presentation of political and social conflict, small cinemas often face controversy themselves since their presentation of conflict may also be controversial, unusual, strange, or catering to specific audiences. For instance, the range of subjects they deal with is addressed to audiences situated within a defined geographical locality; within a range of specific beliefs and convictions; or, it caters to general audiences interested in an individual topic, such as the protection of environment.
Thematic areas for proposals:
I. Distribution of wealth
• New poverty
• New hunger
• Classism
• Work Migration
• Pleasure migration (tourism)
II. Stereotypes
• Stereotype – theoretical debate on the meaning, ideology and history of the term
• Origin of stereotypes: antagonism, violence, colonial practices, the politics of oppression
• Racial stereotypes
• Ethnicity stereotypes
• Figuration of the ethnic types
• Influence of film on the reformulation of ethnic types in the social subconscious
• Gender stereotypes
• LGBT stereotypes
• Ethnic/sexual/race/national stereotypes at the crossroads
• Physical, mental disabilities in cinema
III. Terrorism and the war with terror
IV. Exploitation of women and children and economically underprivileged
V. New aesthetics in small cinemas
VI. Ecology, protection of environment, biological engineering

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