AI aspects of Reasoning, Information, and Memory 2016

Country: Poland

City: Gdansk

Abstr. due: 18.04.2016

Dates: 11.09.16 — 14.09.16

Area Of Sciences: Humanities;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: IEEE


There is general realization that computational models of human reasoning can be improved by integration of heterogeneous resources of information, e.g., multidimensional diagrams, images, language, syntax, semantics, memory. While the event targets promotion of integrated computational approaches, we invite contributions from any individual areas related to information, language, memory, reasoning.

We welcome submissions of papers on the following topics, without limiting to them, across approaches, methods, theories, and applications:

    Reasoning systems --- theories and applications
    Proof systems and model checkers
    Theories of computation and information
    Interactive computation and reasoning
    Computation and reasoning with heterogeneous information
    Space and time in information, language, memory, and reasoning
    Partiality, underspecification, vagueness, and possibilities
    Detection of and reasoning with inconsistency
    Logic and language --- approaches, theories, methods
    Computational morphology, syntax, semantics, and interfaces between these
    Constraint-based and type-theoretic approaches and grammars
    Logical approaches to multilingual processing
    Logical and computational foundations in machine learning and information retrieval
    Mathematics for linguistics and cognitive science
    Reasoning, information, and memory in computational neuroscience and life sciences
    Interdisciplinary approaches to information, language, memory, and reasoning

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