The European Rural Youth Forum (ERYF)

Country: Hungary;

Deadline: 14.06.2016


The European Rural Youth Forum (ERYF) is a non-profit international NGO designed to provide a platform for young people from rural areas to discuss issues that are crucial to their countries and region. These topics are addressed during an annual summer university (7-10 days), which is held in a different country each year and is organised by student volunteers. ​
​What does a summer forum look like?The summer Forums are a great mixture of workshops, discussions and activities as well as study trips and excursions.

The length of Forums varies from 7 to 10 days. This is enough time for the members to get to know each other really well and form a great community by the end of the meeting – building momentum for future cooperation and common projects.

Typically every day spent at ERYF has a set of workshops/discussions, alternating with free time and leisure activities. There is always possibility to discover the host city together in the framework of fun programmes, as well as to get to know all the participating national groups during an “International Night” where they introduce their countries in the light of the topic of the year’s meeting. 

​Previous summer school themes included
  • Serbia (2007): isolation (in the rural and national context), the need for visa liberalisation and the question of Kosovo
  • Poland (2008): significant outward migration and its implications for society
  • Hungary (2010): the situation of minorities; racism, social stigmas and tackling these on a governmental and local community level; the rise of the extreme right and its implications for youth; the importance of education for integration
  • France (2011): environmental pollution and agriculture in Bretagne
  • Sweden (2012): world poverty, sustainable development aid vs. cash, avoiding financial assistance through corrupt regimes, different government agendas to reduce unemployment
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina (2013): rural development, demographic implications, resources (and the lack of them) in rural areas, the state of youth in rural Bosnia in Mrkonjic Grad
  • Poland (2014): capitalising on local products and local culture: cultivating national heritage and contributing to regional development through it
  • Czech Republic (2015): regional development and industrial heritage in the Czech Republic

​ These were all eye-opening topics to students and youth workers alike, and the insightful discussions encouraged a number of practical projects in the future.

Apply for ERYF 2016

​​What can ERYF offer you? ​You have ideas about how to improve your hometown, your local settings, but nobody listens? Here is your opportunity, a space for your ideas and people who listen with interest and help you achieve your goal! 

You can expect
  • to get to know all-rounded and interesting people from all around Europe. Every year there is a great variety in age and occupation, which leads to a unique, creative atmosphere where great ideas take off.
  • to get acquainted with burning issues that Europe is currently facing. The presentations and workshops lead to an in-depth discovery of different questions each year. Participants from various countries will add a unique touch to the discussions by explaining the situation in their home countries to the other students.
  • to test your language skills and academic abilities in an international environment. Many times this gives enough inspiration to create smaller projects once students return back to their home cities – varying from youth centre activities to school/university projects.
  • an unforgettable experience that broadens your mind through a combination of  education, discussion, fun and travelling
Do you want to be part of the ERYF experience? 

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