The International Workshop on Mining Wearable Data for Healthcare

Country: USA

City: Chicago

Abstr. due: 21.06.2016

Dates: 04.10.16 — 04.10.16

Area Of Sciences: Medicine;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: IEEE


Wearable digital self-tracking technology has become more accessible to the public in recent years with the development of connected portable devices (such as smart phones, smart watches, smart bands, and other personal biological monitoring devices), human biosensors, as well as information management systems designed for monitoring, storing and analyzing human self-tracking data. The proliferation of such technology has made it much easier than any time before to collect biological and physiological signals, such as the electrocardiogram (ECG), oxygen saturation (SpQ2), heart rate (HR), the electroencephalogram (EEG), Galvanic Skin Response (GSR), blood pressure/oxygen level, body temperature, etc. These self-tracking data can help us better understand each individual’s health conditions by monitoring and analyzing such data.  As a result, mining wearable data has been gaining significant attention from both industry and academia in recent years.

This workshop focuses on technologies for generating, archiving, and analyzing self-monitored data for health-related applications. The objectives of the workshop include (1) to bring together researchers and practitioners from both industry and academia who are actively working in wearable technology for healthcare to present their latest research, (2) to attract healthcare sensor developers and healthcare service providers to discuss the challenges and opportunities in developing and adopting cutting-edge healthcare wearable products or services, (3) to create a community of researchers and practitioners who worked in the areas of hardware sensors, wearable/healthcare related industry, and data mining/machine learning, that will enable the innovation for next generation healthcare solution, and (4) to have a platform for researchers and practitioners to report/demonstrate/discuss recent innovations and developments.

MWDHealth 2016 will invite submissions on (but not limited to) the following topics:

Category I: Accessing, Sharing, and Analyzing Data from Wearables

    New systems or technologies for addressing challenges associated with every aspect of mining wearable data, such as data processing, accessing, sharing, and analysis
    Wearable data security and privacy protection.
    Applications of wearable technologies for healthcare purposes, such as sleep monitoring, fitness exercise, mental health, etc.
    New data mining and machine learning algorithms to analyze wearable data for healthcare related topics.
    Determining optimal means of using primary, secondary and correlative data for “continuity” of individual healthcare data
    Visual analytics and development of UI/UX technologies for wearables

Category II: Wearable Hardware Sensor Technologies for Healthcare

    Cutting-edge biosensors to capture healthcare related signals, such as sweat-based sensors, alcohol sensors, blood related sensors, mood biosensors, etc.
    Signal acquisition, archiving, processing for biosensors
    Applications of biosensors to solve healthcare related challenges

Category III: New healthcare services with wearable devices (smart phones, smart watches/band, personal biometrics monitoring, etc.)

    Healthcare management system (app, web platform, etc) to manage data generated from wearable devices or sensors
    Systems or products that utilize wearable data to understand each individual for better healthcare purposes
    Services that provide a better healthcare solution by jointly considering wearable data from multiple sources.

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