Expanding Universes. Exploring Transmedial & Transfictional Ways of World-Building

Country: Poland

City: Kraków

Abstr. due: 30.06.2016

Dates: 23.09.16 — 25.09.16

Area Of Sciences: Pedagogy; Sociology;

Organizing comittee e-mail: transmedialstudies@gmail.com

Organizers: Facta Ficta Research Centre in Kraków


It is no doubt that with the dynamic evolution of fantastic narratives a world-centered model of storytelling has started to proliferate, changing the way one can interact with fictional representations of worlds in literature, movies, video games, comic books, any other media. A growing interest in media-conscious world-building, both amongst scholars and fans, clearly shows that the future of narrative and media studies lays not with monomedial, but transmedial studies—especially when no-one seems to question cross-overs, retellings, remediations, or any other narrative devices so common in contemporary storytelling. From Star Wars Expanded Universe/Legends top-down and bottom-up transfictional storytelling or transmedial campaign for  The Hunger Games the movie to multimodal storytelling in Doug Dorst’s “S” or Bioshock: Infinite“—we all engage in a plethora ways of world-making, and what transmedial narratology needs nowadays to do, is to analyze these storyworlds in their variety without imposing any paradigmatic world-building model for creators to follow. Consequently, organizers of the conference will welcome presentations or full panel proposals covering:

    key and emerging concepts in transmedia studies and transmedial narratology;
    theoretical discrepancies between transmediality, multimodality, and transfictionality;
    theory, history, and philosophy of world-building in literature and other media;
    top-down and bottom-up world-building and storytelling;
    ways of inhabiting fictional/virtual worlds: immersion, interactivity, and beyond;
    franchises and franchised universes: their expansion and narrative potential;
    fan & fandom studies with an emphasis on participatory authorship in shared universes, entertainment supersystems, and more;
    means of narrative/economical control (i.e. canon, moderated/curated content, licencing etc.) in massive world-building enterprises;
    psychological and philosophical contexts of world creation;
    case studies of transmediality, transfictionality, and world-building across media (MCU, Game of Thro­nes, StarCitizen, Star Wars, DC Universe, and many more);

Conference Web-Site: https://transmedialstudies.wordpress.com/