Гранти для підтримки біженців від інноваційного фонду Данії

Country: Denmark;

Deadline: 15.08.2016

Type of grant: Competition;

Web-Site: innovationsfonden.dk

Area Of Sciences: Социологические; Политология; Культурология;


To some extent t he influx and composition of refugees challenge the Danish welfare  model, which is largely  based on the idea of a  relatively homogeneous society with little fluctuation in population or  demograp hics.  It is a challenge to have  a welfare model containing due diligence  and care for refugees ; a  model  which is also able to utilise the innovation potential of meeting new cultures and  concretely ensur ing to  make use of  the refugees’  workforce potential . Innovation Fund Denmark’s (IFD) objective for this call is  to foster new solutions to these challenges and  for these solutions  to be based on the latest research and  knowledge . Well - documented  examples from municipalities, regions, companies,  civic socie ty actors , NGOs  and others  can inspire the  pro posal and potential solutions.