Trade Policy and Labour Markets in a Services World

Country: Switzerland

City: Bern

Abstr. due: 31.07.2016

Dates: 16.11.16 — 17.11.16

Area Of Sciences: Economics and management; Law;

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Organizers: Council on Economic Policies (CEP) & World Trade Institute (WTI)


Services are gaining ever more importance in global trade and employment. While there is increasing consensus that the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) represents an inadequate international framework for services trade governance, sound economic policy prescriptions to support ongoing multilateral negotiations remain scarce.

Meanwhile, recent and forthcoming preferential trade agreements like CETA, TiSA, TPP and TTIP are filling the void, with yet unpredictable and potentially significant effects on labour markets. Given the crucial role of the services sector as the world's largest purveyor of employment, gaining a sounder understanding of the nexus between trade policies, services and labour markets is hence of utmost importance.

To that end, this workshop invites submissions on research in the domain of services trade and its implications for the labour market. We are particularly interested in analyses that substantiate specific policy recommendations.

The program will include presentations and discussions of current research as well as policy debates with trade negotiators and representatives from business, IGOs and NGOs.

November 16 will be devoted to the presentation of six papers as well as a policy debate with practitioners in the evening. Presentations of papers will continue in the morning of November 17, followed by an exploration of new directions for research in the afternoon. The program will conclude with a roundtable and dinner with the workshop participants and other invited academics and practitioners. The workshop will take place at the World Trade Institute in Berne, Switzerland.

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