Country: Ukraine;

Deadline: 18.07.2016




The idea behind the Lviv Leadership Academy rose from the first days of the Revolution of Dignity. AILTE founder, Matthew Kwasiborski arrived in Lviv for the first time on 29 November 2013, the same morning when the Berkut were first released in Kyiv. After protesting for two days Matt began to feel the spirit of Lviv and the spirit of the Revolution. He realized that the Ukrainians were fighting for their true freedom and the future for their freedom is now or never.

Matt has traveled back and forth Ukraine a dozen times since the revolution. He has explored ways to bring his eighteen years experience working in international higher education to Ukraine starting in Lviv. Working with seventy-five Ukrainian students in his role as the AIPES director for The Fund for American Studies since 2005, he sees a tremendous need for the practical Western style of higher education in Ukraine. Since the revolution it has become increasingly difficult for Ukrainian students to travel to AIPES in Prague, Czech Republic, the idea was to bring something similar to Ukraine.

Partnering with several organizations including The Fund for American Studies, Krieble Foundation, the International Association of Free Ukraine, Ivano Franko National University Lviv, Language of Liberty Institutes, and the Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation (Poland), the Lviv Leadership Academy will be realized for the first time in August 2016.


Academics Courses:

The Lviv Leadership Academy’s academic courses will feature a combination of international experts and professors from Ukraine, Slovakia, and the United States. The academic portion will be a balance between theoretical lessons and practical workshops designed by the professors. Our participants will be required to be active and will have numerous opportunities to showcase their own leadership skills.

The courses taught at Lviv Leadership Academy 2016 will be conflict management, free-market economic theory, democracies in transition, leadership and cultures in the 21st century, and the role of media (traditional and social) in conflict areas. In addition, the Academy will also feature several guest lectures separated from the academic courses. (For more detailed information, please click here). 

The Lviv Leadership Academy will also feature an educational day trip dedicated to the history of Lviv and the Carpathian region.

Targeted Audience:

The Lviv Leadership Academy will host forty participants from the following countries: Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, and Slovakia.

Participants will either be enrolled at a university and/or young professional possessing a university degree. *Please be advised that all courses will be taught in English. Students will be expected to take a final exam at the end of the Academy.


Admissions: Each participant must submit an official application in order to attend the Lviv Leadership Academy 2016. The following are the application requirements:

*Basic Contact Information

*Latest CV/Resume

*Personal Statement

*Two references and their contact information 

Admissions will be decided in a timely manner and on a rolling admissions basis. Participants will be notified by email about their decision.

Cost: The participant cost to attend the Lviv Leadership Academy 2016 will be between 25-50 Euros. The amount will be decided based upon the strength of the application. This will cover room, board, two meals a day, academic materials, some special events. *Please note that the Lviv Leadership Academy does not cover any travel costs.


The Lviv Leadership Academy 2016 will bring together young leaders from the surrounding region making it a true international experience. The targeted countries will be from both inside and outside the EU who can learn from and debate each other on the positives and negatives of living inside or outside the European Union. The targeted countries of our participants will be (but not limited to in special cases)