Unruly Nature of Laws of Trusts & Estates

Country: USA

City: San Francisco

Abstr. due: 15.08.2016

Dates: 03.01.17 — 07.01.17

Area Of Sciences: Law;

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Organizers: AALS


Trusts & E states  is a far -reaching and broad -based discipline of law that impact s private citizens’  decisions about sex, death, and taxes.   This legal discipline is based on speculation about donors  and their intentions that, by their very nature,  create unintended consequences because the  laws exist  largely  unseen  until  they  come  into  play.    Moreover,   ascertaining  these  preferences   prove  difficult  because  individuals  are  entrenched  with  idiosyncratic  preconceptions  about  death,   family,  property ri ghts, personal legacies, paternalism, altruism, investment strategies, taxes, and  many  other  effective  interests .    In  addition,  the  field  sits  at  the  crossroads  of  other  legal   disciplines such as family law, property law,  elder law, and tax law. For  stude nts, T&E makes  an appearance in law schools and the bar exam, but is not like a constitutional law class that is  unabashedly theoretical in its presentation and in meeting students’ non- expectations of a skills - centric  classroom  experience.    In  practice,  s ome  of  the  most  thriving  areas  require  expertise  in   T&E .     In  ordinary  people’s  everyday  lives,  the  legal  discipline  is   like  an  operating  system  that   quietly  runs  in  the  background,  but  in  reality  organizes  and  informs  the  end  user’s  experience,   often  without  the  end  user’s  full  awareness.     In  the  academy,  it  is  caught  between  the  practical   and  theoretical —a  microcosm  of  th e  questions  at  the  heart  of  debates  about  the  value  and   normative  objectives  of  a  legal  education.  Yet,  d uring  a  time  when  T&E   is  becoming  more   relevant  than  ever,  the  discipline  may  be  under –theorized  and  marginalized  in   the  academy .   Therefore,  this  pan el  will  interrogate  T&E’s  unruly  nature,  entertaining  inquiries  about  the   intersectionality  of  gender,  race,  sexual  orientation,  and  class;  the  pervasiveness  of  succession   law in aligned fields ; its history of adaptation to changing social norms ; and the d evelopment and  evolution  of  law  reform  in  this   area.    The  panel  will  explore  new  visions  for  the  field   and  frameworks  that  disrupt  and  reimagine   the  field ,  while  looking   forward  to  practical  and   theoretical  responses  to  such  things  as  the  pending  elder  car e  issues,   concentration  of  wealth ,  taxation , large wealth transfers, social fixity, and the ongoing privatization of family caregiving  and support. 

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