International Congress of Young Scientists

Country: Poland

City: Czestochowa

Abstr. due: 02.09.2016

Dates: 05.10.16 — 09.10.16

Area Of Sciences: Chemistry;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: Warsaw University of Technology.


International Congress of Young Chemists "YoungChem2016" is the 14th edition of a successful event organised annually by students of Warsaw University of Technology.

Members of Chemical Scientific Society "Flogiston" do their best to let YoungChem get into the first league of "general" chemical conferences in Europe.

From its very beginning the Congress of Young Chemists - YoungChem has been an event organised by students and for students (including M.Sc. students, Ph.D. students, Ph.D.-s etc).

Its main goal is to give an opportunity for young, skilled and ambitious scientists to present to international audience their areas of research, attend lectures by famous and respectable professors, meet industry representatives and, of course, integrate. Organisers try to create a comfortable atmosphere during the conference, keeping at the same time its high scientific level, all of which makes each YoungChem an event to remember.

"Flogiston" does its best to make the conference's every subsequent better than the previous one. Since 2003 YoungChem has evolved from a modest congress for students from Poland and its neighbouring countries through a European congress into an international one, which attracts over 110 participants from around 25 countries from all over the world each year.

Apart from its scientific scope, each YC resulted in new friendships, international student exchanges and good memories of the time spent together. The Organising Committee hopes that the upcoming fourteenth edition shall keep this tradition and be at least as successful as the previous ones.

We can assure you that YC2016 is going to be a great scientific and social experience.

Forms of presentation of "your chemistry"
Oral presentation:

Each speaker shall be given approximately 15 minutes for his/her presentation (including the following discussion). Please remember that you can present only your own research. A notebook and a projector will be provided by organizers. Each speaker should prepare the presentation in Power Point (alternative file forms: .pdf, .doc, please use office 2010 format) on USB memory drive. All these files will be uploaded to a conference computer and verified if they run on "all cylinders" to avoid surprises and delays in the schedule.

The presentations should concern one of the following scientific trends:

Biotechnology and Biochemistry
Analytical Chemistry
Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology
Organometallic Chemistry
Environmental Chemistry
Organic Synthesis and Catalysis
Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
Other: [suggestions can be accepted]

Your poster has to be of DIN A0 size (841 mm wide and 1139 mm long) or similar.


Conference Web-Site: