4th International Metallurgical Engineering Conference

Country: Turkey

City: Istanbul

Abstr. due: 09.09.2016

Dates: 03.11.16 — 04.11.16

Organizing comittee e-mail: conference@dakam.org

Organizers: DAKAM


METECH '16 / IV. International Metallurgical Engineering Conference will be held at Nippon Meeting Halls in Istanbul. The conference is coordinated by DAKAM (Eastern Mediterranean Academic Research Center) and will be organized by BILSAS (Science, Art, Sport Productions).

 Since 2013, more than a hundred presentations by scholars from different places of the world have been hosted by DAKAM’s METECH Conference and three proceedings books have been published.
The conference aims at bringing together leading scientists, researchers, scholars and industry actors to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of smart composite and all other innovative materials, and nanotechnology in engineering, and discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted.

 Intelligent materials can be defined as materials that sense and react to environmental conditions or stimuli (e.g. mechanical, chemical, electrical, or magnetic signals). In the last decade, a wide range of novel smart materials have been produced for aerospace, transportation, telecommunications, and domestic applications. Furthermore, there is increased activity in integrating intelligent materials with nanotechnology to develop novel materials for the applications in biomaterials, sensors, actuators, and textiles. On the other hand, hybrid and composite materials in industry have become a necessity for the control of matters.


Conference Web-Site: http://www.dakamconferences.org/#!metech/uzgj4