14th International Congress for the Study of Child Language

Country: France

City: Lyon

Abstr. due: 15.09.2016

Dates: 17.07.17 — 21.07.17

Area Of Sciences: Humanities; Psychology;

Organizing comittee e-mail: iascl2017@ish-lyon.cnrs.fr

Organizers: Laboratory Dynamique Du Langage and will be hosted by the University Lumière Lyon 2.


The special emphasis topic of the meeting is on "First language acquisition in a lifespan perspective".

Every symposium has one convener; he/she is responsible for organizing the symposium and will act as the only contact person.

Prospective conveners may submit not more than one proposal for a symposium. Convening a symposium does not preclude participation as a presenter in other symposia or being first author on a poster. For clarity: you can be convener of maximally one symposium and first author of maximally one poster. There are no limits on the number of first or non-first authorships of oral papers and no limits on non-first authorships of posters.

Symposia consist of 4 (or 5) presentations. The full symposium abstract is divided into (1) an abstract for the symposium as a whole and (2) individual abstracts for each of the presentations contained in the symposium. Each abstract (for the symposium as well as for the individual presentations) must stay within 300 words. Each abstract must have a title. Note: a symposium can involve a discussant. If this is the case, we advise restricting the number of presentations to four. There is no need to supply a separate abstract of a prospective discussant's contribution.

The symposium abstract must contain a statement of its theme and overall goal.

Each abstract for the presentations within a symposium should contain a concise statement of (i) the research question, (ii) methods, (iii) results, and (iv) a conclusion. Up to 3 references may be added and will not be included in the word count. To make the reviewing procedure fully anonymous, do not include references by any of the authors involved.

A symposium slot is always two hours. It is the task of the convener to make the precise programming within the slot (e.g. presentation time, discussion time etc.)

The symposium abstract must be submitted using the official abstract web form. Abstracts are submitted in English. Author names will be processed by the abstract handling system.

Key words: the symposium convener has the task of indicating (on the web form) the categories that best represent the symposium submission (see below) and should in addition provide 3 to 5 key words for their symposium.

Conference Web-Site: http://iascl2017.org/