2016 IEEE International Symposium on Electronics and Smart Devices

Country: Indonesia

City: Bandung

Abstr. due: 04.09.2016

Dates: 29.11.16 — 30.11.16

Area Of Sciences: Technical sciences;

Organizing comittee e-mail: isesd2016secretary@stei.itb.ac.id

Organizers: Institut Teknologi Bandung


Smart Device emerges as a set of integrated technologies new exciting solutions and services that are set to change the way people live. Smart Device is rewarded by many as a fruitful future technological sector in order to enhance quality of our lives. Smart Device covers a large wealth of consumer centric technologies (from sensors to communications up to software platforms) and it is applicable to an even larger set of application domains (from manufacturing to e-health, smart payments, from logistics to automotive). Innovation will be nurtured and driven by the possibilities offered by the combination of increased technological capabilities, new business models and the rise of new ecosystems.

ISESD has become the premier gathering place where visionary, ground-breaking research meets leading industry experts in the field of electronics, smart device, and other related technologies. Topics include smart device system architecture, smart device enabling technologies, smart device services and applications, and the social implications of smart device.

ISESD is seeking for original, high impact research papers on all topics related to the development and social adoption of the Smart Devices. Papers are peer-reviewed and selected based on technical novelty, integrity of the analysis and social impacts and practical relevance.


    Devices, Circuits, and Systems
        Analog Circuits, Filters and Data Conversion
        Analog and Mixed Signal Processing
        Numerical Methods and Circuit Simulation
        Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic Processing
        Sensors and Devices
        Intelligent Instrumentations
        Wireless Sensor Networks
        Analog and Digital ICs for Communications
        Low Power Design & VLSI Physical Synthesis
        Modeling, Simulation and CAD Tools
        VLSI Architecture for Signal Processing
    Communication Systems
        Radio Propagation and Channel Modeling
        Communication Theory
        Antenna and Propagation
        Wideband Communications
        Wireless Systems
        Intelligent Communication Systems and Network Protocols
    Multimedia and Systems
        Speech, image, audio/acoustics, and video processing
        Video and Multimedia Technology & Communications
        Multimedia Processing for e-Learning
    Signal Processing
        Digital Filters and Filter Banks
        Wavelets and Multirate Signal Processing
        Adaptive, Non-linear and Multidimensional Signal Processing
        Fast Computations for Signal Processing, and
        Intelligent Signal Processing for Communications & Systems
        Secure Signal Processing
        Optical and medical Signal Processing
        Noise Control
    Internet of Things
    Smart Devices
        Smart Card Technology
        Smart phone, smart home, and smart city

Conference Web-Site: http://isesd.stei.itb.ac.id/