Emerging concepts in cell organization

Country: Austria

City: Goldegg am See

Abstr. due: 19.09.2016

Dates: 10.01.17 — 15.01.17

Area Of Sciences: Biology;

Organizing comittee e-mail: zerial@mpi-cbg.de

Organizers: EMBO


This EMBO Workshop aims to revisit the structural and functional organization of eukaryotic cells taking into account new emerging concepts, e.g. inter-organelle communication and new approaches, e.g. new analytical methods based on mathematics and physics. It focuses on:

    The regulation of classical and unconventional biosynthetic and endocytic trafficking
    The inter-organelle communication at membrane contact sites, their role in lipid transfer and autophagy.
    The link between membrane traffic, signaling and metabolism
    The link between membrane traffic and diseases
    The physics of membrane and non-membrane compartment dynamics.

The venue is ideal for fostering discussions and exchanges of ideas. The EMBO Workshop has an established track-record for ensuring that the young European participants are exposed to inter-disciplinary research at the forefront of their field.

Conference Web-Site: http://events.embo.org/17-cell-org/