2nd International Conference on Election and Democracy

Country: Portugal

City: Ponta Delgada

Abstr. due: 30.09.2016

Dates: 11.11.16 — 11.11.16

Area Of Sciences: Law; Political science;

Organizing comittee e-mail: helpdesk@gariteam.com

Organizers: GARI Conference, Azores University


Welcome to the official website of 02nd International Conference on Election and Democracy – 02nd ICED 2016. Elections are key components of any democratic system. Scientific papers of international interest covering this year’s conference theme “Develop and Protect Humanity”. Abstract submissions are now open for both Oral and Poster presentations covering current research and new processes. Please note that though you need send a proposed title and abstract at this stage, speakers are encouraged to submit a full paper before the conference. The conference will bring together scholars, judges and practitioners from a range of public law fields and a variety of common law jurisdictions. Research papers related to all areas of Commercial Law and Public Law (check with Conference track). The intention is that the Public Law series will become established as a pre-eminent forum for the discussion of public law matters in the common law world. In addition, all the submitted full papers will be included in the conference proceedings CD and proceeding book.
It is a medium that allows citizens to choose individuals and parties to represent their interests at state and/or national level and to formulate and uphold laws that not only conform to internationally recognized standards but that act as a check and balance to unbridled executive power. As well, there is the view that often, what is promised in elections is seldom, if at all, translated into real policy that strengthens democracy and improves governance practices. This situation is also often negatively exacerbated when narrow-minded political exigencies of an authoritarian government demands the forging of ‘political compromises’ built on abstract ‘social contracts’ that disdain larger democratic interests so as to preserve ‘national security’, ‘ethnic harmony’ and ‘religious primacy’.Given this evident dichotomy and conflict between political theory and political reality, the Department of Politics and International Relations feels compelled to host a regular International Conference on Elections and Democracy that would play a role in structuring future discourse on elections and democracy in a more rational and intellectual fashion among researchers and practitioners alike. Through this conference, it is hoped that politicians, political parties, bureaucrats, researchers, the media and general public would not only begin to understand and appreciate how electoral systems and electoral practices impact democratic governance (and vice-versa) but also to advocate better media, electoral and governance practices so as to advance the cause of democracy and good governance practices.

Conference Web-Site: http://electionanddemocracyconference.globalacademicresearchinstitute.com/main/siced

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