Microwave Technology and Techniques Workshop (MTT)

Country: Netherlands

City: Noordwijk

Abstr. due: 01.10.2016

Dates: 03.04.17 — 05.04.17

Organizing comittee e-mail: esaconferencebureau@atpi.com

Organizers: ESA/ESTEC



The objectives of the Workshop are:

    To review the state-of-the-art and trends of key microwave research, technologies, and techniques.
    To review the current and future applications for microwave devices.
    To assess the impact of these technologies on future satellite systems at space, ground and user segment levels.
    To identify enabling technologies for performance and/or cost breakthroughs.
    To exchange on new ideas.
    To promote exchanges between system/payload and technology specialists.
    To provide a forum to foster contacts between industry and academia.

Topics of Interest

Papers should describe new developments and innovative ideas in line with the objectives of the Workshop. Possible topics for paper submission are given in the following list:

    Solid-state technologies and devices (MMIC, Schottky diode, HBV, RFIC,..)
    RF functions (low-noise amplifier, mixer, multiplier, detector, broadband ADC/DAC,..)
    Frequency generation techniques (VCO, PLL, DDS, OCXO,..)
    Power amplification (SSPA, TWTA,..)
    RF MEMS devices and micro-machining techniques
    Passive components (filter, multiplexer, switch, cables, connectors,..)
    RF packaging and interconnection technologies
    Microwave photonics technologies and techniques
    Telecom equipment for space (MPA, converter, switch-matrix,..)
    Earth observation/Science microwave instruments, receivers, front-ends,..
    Microwave technology for Navigation systems
    Low-cost technologies for user-terminals
    Modelling (linear, nonlinear, EM,..) and characterisation/measurement techniques
    Advanced manufacturing  for microwave equipment


Conference Web-Site: http://esaconferencebureau.com/2017-events/mtt2017/home