Redefining Identites, Cultures and Literature

Country: India

City: Aurangabad

Abstr. due: 22.11.2016

Dates: 09.12.16 — 10.12.16

Area Of Sciences: Humanities; Arts; Cultural science;

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Organizers: The English Literator Society


The present National Research Conference aims to focus on understanding and redefining identities, cultures and literatures amidst dramatic political, educational, cultural and socio-economic changes occurring from time to time in the world.

In recent years scholars have taken an intense interest in questions concerning identity. We find the concept of identity at the centre of lively debate in every major subfield. Despite this vastly increased and broad-ranging interest in ‘identity’ the concept itself remains something of an enigma. Our present idea of identity is a fairly recent social construct which appears to be rather complicated. One of the main purposes of the conference is to distill a redefinition of the ‘identity’ from an analysis of its current usage.

Culture is an essential part of being human. No one is completely without it, in fact, an individual can be part of many cultures and subcultures. Culture is a huge topic of study, it is both an individual and a social construct which is inevitably subject to gradual change. In this conference our aim is to generate further wide ranging discussions and redefine culture and distinguish between material and non-material culture.

Understanding exactly what literature is, has always been a challenge; it is a question of interest to those who already have a sense of the extension of the concept and who want to think about defining or differential qualities of the phenomenon to which, as they know perfectly well, the term is generally applied. Terry Eagleton’s ‘Introduction’, is one of the most known to have tried to define ‘literature’. Most definitions of literature have been criterial definitions, definitions based on a list of criterias which all literary works must meet. However, more current theories of meaning take the view that definitions are based on prototypes. For literary works, prototypical characteristics include careful use of language, being written in a literary genre (poetry, prose fiction, or drama), being read aesthetically, and containing many weak implicatures. Are there characteristics of the New World that call for one or the other approach of redefining literature?

The main aim of the conference Redefining Identities, Cultures and Literatures is to focus on scholarly studies, interpretations and discussions of the key concepts in the main theme.

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