International Conference Migration and Diasporas: Emerging Diversities and Development Challenges

Country: India

City: New Delhi

Abstr. due: 30.11.2016

Dates: 22.03.17 — 23.03.17

Area Of Sciences: Law; Political science;

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Organizers: Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)


Human mobility and migration is not a recent phenomenon rather it is one of the survival strategies adopted since the dawn of human civilization. Migration is the most important and natural phenomena leading to human progress and development. The International Migration Report (2015) brought out by UNDP underscores the importance of migration and development linkages. It mentions that there are more than 244 million people or 3.3 percent of world's population live outside their country of origin. Most of them are youth population with median age 39 years. Unlike earlier migration, the recent decade has seen growing feminisation of migration. The migration flow cannot be ignored in an interconnected global world considering its impact on the social, economic and political arena. 

Both migration and its outcome in the form of Diaspora has been a significant policy challenge for the home and host countries. No countries and society stand isolated today. The global movement of individuals, ideas, technology, and culture, has significantly affected the everyday interactions among people. The complex interplay of local and global conditions, including the lobby groups, socio-economic and political conditions of the country, levels of development, technological progress and other institutional development such as financial, educational, social, etc., have also influenced the migration and diaspora policy formation of the host as well as source country. Today, migrant and diaspora communities are seen as a critical component of the development process of a country. Development engagement is constantly mediated through social and cultural identities of the migrant and Diaspora communities. These identities are not only very diverse but are also a space for social, political and ideological contestation. 

In this context, this Conference is an attempt to consolidate the research findings related to policies on Diaspora that will provide better insights into the issue. The general objectives and specific objectives are given as below.

General Objectives

  1. To get familiar with the recent theoretical and conceptual advancement in understanding the migration and Diaspora issues

  2. To get familiarity with the interdisciplinary perspectives on the issue

Specific Objectives

  1. To get knowledge and insights on the new dynamics of migration and diasporic movement as global and local spaces through empirical studies.

  2. To have knowledge on policy challenges arising out of migration and Diaspora movement

  3. To develop an academic and research network that can help the programmes initiated by the University in the area of Migration and Diaspora 

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