Teaching Cultural Competency and Other Professional Skills Suggested by ABA Standard 302

Country: USA

City: Little Rock

Abstr. due: 01.02.2017

Dates: 07.07.17 — 08.07.17

Area Of Sciences: Law; Pedagogy;

Organizing comittee e-mail: emily.grant[@]washburn.edu.

Organizers: The Institute for Law Teaching and Learning


ABA Standard 302  require s all  l aw schools  to  establish learning outcomes in  certain areas, such  as  knowledge of substantive and procedural law, legal analysis and reasoning, and the exercise of  professional and ethical responsibilities.  While  requiring  outcomes in these areas , however, the ABA  also has  g iven  law schools discretion  under Standard 302(d) to individualize their programs by  establishing learning outcomes related to  “other professional skills needed for competent and ethical  participation as a member of the legal profession. ”These  other professional skills“ are determined by  the law school and may include skills such as interviewing, counseling, negotiation, fact development  and analysis, trial practice, document drafting, conflict resolution, organization and management of  legal work, collaboration, cultural competency and self - evaluation .” This language encourages law  schools to be innovative and to  differentiate themselves by creating  learning outcomes that are  consistent with their own  unique  values and  particular  educational mission.

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