Sound Symbolism and Crossmodal Correspondences

Country: France

City: Paris

Abstr. due: 10.02.2017

Dates: 04.03.17 — 05.05.17

Area Of Sciences: Humanities;

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Organizers: International interdisciplinary conference University of Paris-Sorbonne


The SSCC international and interdisciplinary conference aims to explore the relationship between the general phenomenon of crossmodal correspondences and its particular realization in the linguistic field in the form of sound symbolism.

The term crossmodal correspondences refers to any kind of homology between different perceptual modalities, which can be observed experimentally in the general population. For instance, the fact that, among the majority of participants, the visual opposition between small and large correlates with the auditory opposition between acute and grave, and not the contrary.

The term sound symbolism indicates the subset of crossmodal correspondences concerning speech sounds or articulations and their relationship with the meanings they carry within a language. For instance, the fact that most languages having the morphological opposition between diminutive and augmentative represent it by an opposition between acute phonemes and grave phonemes, and not the contrary.

This conference will address both the point of intersection between the two fields and their complementarity, offering to bridge the gap between linguists, psychologists, philosophers and literary studies, cognitive science and natural language processing specialists.


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