The 9-th International Symposium “Molecular Mobility and Order in Polymer Systems”

Country: Russian Federation

City: Saint Petersburg

Abstr. due: 12.04.2017

Dates: 19.06.17 — 23.06.17

Area Of Sciences: Chemistry;

Address: New Peterhof hotel 34, St. Peterburgsky prospect, Peterhof, St.Petersburg

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: Institute of Macromolecular Compounds Russian Academy of Sciences


On behalf of the Organizing committee and as a chairman I am pleased to invite to take a part in the most important intenational meeting in polymer science in Russia - 9th International Symposium "Molecular mobility and order in polymer systems" which will be held in Saint Petersburg from June 19 till June 23, 2017 and will be organized under the sponsorship of IUPAC.
The main purpose of the Symposium is to bring together scientists, young researchers and experts in the field of polymer chemistry and physics to exchange and share their experience and research results. Special attention will be focused on the functional and "smart" polymer systems and their properties important for applications in the engineering, electronics and biomedicine.
Making tradition continue this year the Symposium will be organized with a slogan "Technology transfers: new opportunities for science and business". This will be the first step to turn the event into the platform for effective collaboration between business, science and production in future.
Symposium continues a serie of Symposia organized by the Institute of Macromolecular Compounds of Russian Academy of Sciences: I - 1994, II – 1996, III – 1999, IV – 2002, V – 2005, VI – 2008, VII – 2011, VIII – 2014.


• Modern approaches to the synthesis of functional and "smart" polymer systems
• Conformations and dynamics of macro-molecules with the complex architecture
• Macromolecular self-assembly
• Polymer nano-composites and hybrid materials
• Biorelated, biomimetic and biohybrid materials
• Rheology and dynamics of polymer solutions, melts and networks
• Multiscale simulations of polymer systems 

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