Personal Identity through a Language Lens (PILL4)

Country: Poland

City: Lodz

Abstr. due: 03.03.2017

Dates: 12.05.17 — 13.05.17

Area Of Sciences: Humanities;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: University of Lodz


The aim of the 4th edition of PILL conference is to bring together scholars of varied disciplines to explore the issue from a range of perspectives. By applying a variety of analytical tools and concepts, contributors will hopefully show how people construct images of themselves through language, how they shape, perform and re-shape their personal identities within and across local and dominant discourses and finally how language resources are selected and used to perform desirable versions of identities.

The focal topic of the 4th edition of PILL is ‘Identities in communities’ still other topics may be considered. We welcome papers dealing with, but not being limited to, issues such as the following:

Theorizing identity construction and identification processes from a variety of perspectives
a. Identities as discursive-performative, multiple, fragmented, constructed, negotiated and narrated etc

Language and personal identity
a. Linguistic processes in creation of identity
b. Linguistic strategies in identity performance
c. Indexicality and identity
d. Categorization and personal identity
e. Identity and bilingualism
f. Identity and foreign language learning/teaching
g. Identity and belonging

Discourse and identity
a. Discourse strategies of identity construction
b. Positioning theory and identity
c. Conversational settings and personal identity performance
d. Communication and public management of self
e. Narratives in identity construction and performance

Identity and cognition
a. Time, space and identity maintenance
b. Memory and identity
c. Conceptualization of self and the other
d. Cognitive models of self

Identity and selfhood
a. Essential core self
b. Dialogical self
c. Polyphonous self
d. Self and person

Identity at the crossroads with its disciplinary neighbours
a. (literary theory, sociology, linguistics, discourse studies, anthropology, communication studies, philosophy, etc.)

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