Photonics 2017 Conference

Country: Singapore

City: Singapore

Abstr. due: 07.03.2017

Dates: 31.07.17 — 04.08.17

Area Of Sciences: Physics and math;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: Sands Expo and Convention Centre


CLEO-PR, OECC and PGC 2017 will be held during 31 July - 4 August 2017 at Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Singapore. The aim of this conference is to foster interactions among broad disciplines in the photonics family. This mega conference brings together international leading researchers, scientists and engineers who are actively working in lasers and their applications, nanophotonics, metamaterial, biophotonics, plasmonics, optical devices, optical transmission and optical networking, optical fibers, optical switching system and related technologies. The conference will combine the following three major international conferences, which widely covers in the field of “Photonics” from devices to systems and networks.

•   The 12th  Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics Pacific Rim(CLEO-PR 2017)

•   The 22nd   OptoElectronics and Communications Conference (OECC 2017)

•   The 5th Photonics Global Conference 2017 (PGC 2017)

This is the first time we host CLEO-PR and OECC in Singapore. The conference will provide a platform for international academics, researchers, practitioners and students working in the photonics areas to discuss new developments, concepts and practices, and to identify synergies in research directions that will lead to broader and deeper applications of photonics.  This will be the biggest photonics platform in Singapore for researchers around the world to exchange ideas and latest research results. We look forward to your participation so as to make this conference an exciting and fruitful event. Papers presenting original work in, but not limited to, the technical symposia/special sessions are invited for submission.


C1. Solid State, Fiber, and Other Laser Sources

C2. Ultrafast and Nonlinear Phenomena

C3. Near-infrared, Mid-infrared and Far-infrared Technologies and Applications

C4. High Power, High Energy Lasers

C5. Laser Processing

C6. Optical Metrology and Sensing

C7. Quantum Optics, Atomic Physics and Quantum Information

C8. Nitrides, Other Widegap Semiconductors

C9. Nanophotonics

O1. Optical Network and Broadband Access

O2. Transmission Systems and Their Subsystems

O3. Optical Fiber and Waveguide Devices

O4. Optical Switching Systems and Related Technologies

J1. Semiconductor and Integrated Optical Devices

J2. Optical Passive Devices and Modules

J3. Silicon Photonics

J4. Optical Signal Processing

J5. Wired and Wireless Seamless Access

J6. Advanced 2D Materials for Photonics

J7. Biophotonics and Optical Biomedicine

J8. Fiber-Based Technologies and Applications

J9. Plasmonics and Metamaterials

J10. Optical Sensors and Systems

P1. Spatial Light Modulation and Display Technology

P2. Microwave Photonics
Special Sessions

S1. Fiber Acoustic Sensors

S2. Perovskite Materials and Devices

S3. Photonics Technologies for Primary Point-of-care and Global Health

S4. Integrated Optics

S5. Nano Optical Trapping

S6. Optical Interconnection

S7. Terahertz Science, Technology and Applications

S8. Nonlinear and Broadband Amplifiers

S9. Fiber Optics and Photonics Metrology

S10. Chip-Scale Signaling and Processing on SOI Platforms

S11. Advances in Low-dimensional Materials for Ultrafast Photonics

W1. Applications of New Optical Fibers in Communication and Sensing

W2. Advances in Structured Light

W3. The Role of Optics in Fronthaul and Backhaul for 5G Networks and Beyond

*C1-C9 are symposia of CLEO-PR 2017
*O1-O4 are symposia of OECC 2017
*J1-J10 are joint symposia of CLEO-PR 2017, OECC 2017 and PGC 2017
*P1-P2 are symposia of PGC 2017
*S1-S11 are special sessions of PGC 2017


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