Second IDF Law and Economics Conference (IDF-LEC 2017)

Country: India

City: Haryana

Abstr. due: 20.03.2017

Dates: 21.04.17 — 22.04.17

Area Of Sciences: Economics and management; Law;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: India Development Foundation


The Dr. Ambedkar Centre for Law and Economics at the India Development Foundation (IDF) announces the second IDF Law and Economics Conference (IDF-LEC 2017) to be held in April 2017. The focus of this year’s conference is issues related to intellectual property (IP), especially in the pharmaceutical and technology sectors.

We invite papers analysing IP licencing models across various IP-intensive industries with a special emphasis on transition economies such as India and China. Papers on issues including measures of competitiveness, barriers to entry, hold up, hold-out, royalty stacking and royalty estimation are encouraged. Both, review and primary research articles will be considered. This is a multi-disciplinary call and scholars working in the fields of law, economics, technology, public policy and their intersections are encouraged to send in their submissions.

Conference Web-Site: