Breathless microbes: Techniques and theory in anaerobic microbiology

Country: Netherlands

City: Wageningen

Abstr. due: 01.05.2017

Dates: 24.07.17 — 28.07.17

Area Of Sciences: Biology;

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Organizers: EMBO


Anaerobic microbiology is a key research field to address present and future challenges in industry and society. Anaerobic microbes turn waste products into biogas and biofuels, they are responsible for many steps in the elemental C-, N- and S-cycles and they form the human and animal’s gut microbiomes. In this Practical Course we will acquaint you with relevant theoretical background on the topic but, most importantly, hands-on experiments with high and low tech equipment. Our objective is that participants of this course will be able to implement anaerobic microbiology techniques to laboratories that have not previously been working with anaerobes.

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