6th International Conference for Young Chemists (ICYC)

Country: Malaysia

City: George Town

Abstr. due: 05.05.2017

Dates: 16.08.17 — 18.08.17

Area Of Sciences: Chemistry;

Organizing comittee e-mail: icyc2017@gmail.com

Organizers: School of Chemical Sciences Universiti Sains Malaysia


The International Conference for Young Chemists (ICYC) is a biennial conference organized by the postgraduate students of the School of Chemical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia with the aim to gather local and international postgraduate and researchers to create interaction and networking in the field of Chemistry.


    Physical Chemistry                                                                                                                                    (Electrochemistry, photochemistry, surface chemistry, chemical kinetics, thermodynamics/thermochemistry, quantum chemistry, spectroscopy)

    Organic Chemistry                                                                                                                                    (Stereochemistry, medicinal chemistry, physical organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, natural product chemistry)

    Inorganic Chemistry                                                                                                                                 

(Bioinorganic chemistry, coordination chemistry, geochemistry, nuclear chemistry, organometallic chemistry, solid-state chemistry, synthetic inorganic chemistry, industrial inorganic chemistry, materials chemistry)

    Biological/Biochemistry                                                                                                                          (Immunochemistry, neurochemistry, biophysical chemistry, clinical biochemistry, molecular biochemistry)

    Analytical Chemistry                                                                                                                                

(Forensic chemistry, environmental chemistry)

    Industrial Chemistry                                                                                                                                

(Colloid chemistry, materials science, polymer chemistry)


Conference Web-Site: http://www.icyc2017.com/