1st International Conference on Security, Privacy, and Trust (INSERT'17)

Country: Czech Republic

City: Prague

Abstr. due: 01.05.2017

Dates: 04.09.17 — 07.09.17

Area Of Sciences: Technical sciences; Law; Computer science;

Organizing comittee e-mail: https://www.fedcsis.org/2017/instructions

Organizers: IEEE


Admittedly, information security works as a backbone for protecting both user data and electronic transactions. Protecting communications and data infrastructures of an increasingly inter-connected world have become vital nowadays. Security has emerged as an important scientific discipline whose many multifaceted complexities deserve the attention and synergy of the computer science, engineering, and information systems communities. Information security has some well-founded technical research directions which encompass access level (user authentication and authorization), protocol security, software security, and data cryptography. Moreover, some other emerging topics related to organizational security aspects have appeared beyond the long-standing research directions.
The 1st International Conference on Security, Privacy, and Trust (INSERT’17) focuses on the diversity of the information security developments and deployments in order to highlight the most recent challenges and report the most recent researches. The conference is an umbrella for all information security technical aspects, user privacy techniques, and trust. In addition, it goes beyond the technicalities and covers some emerging topics like social and organizational security research directions. INSERT’17 is intended to attract researchers and practitioners from academia and industry, and provides an international discussion forum in order to share their experiences and their ideas concerning emerging aspects in information security met in different application domains. This opens doors for highlighting unknown research directions and tackling modern research challenges. The objectives of the INSERT’17 can be summarized as follows:

To review and conclude researches in information security and other security domains, focused on the protection of different kinds of assets and processes, and to identify approaches that may be useful in the application domains of information security

To find synergy between different approaches, allowing elaborating integrated security solutions, e.g. integrate different risk-based management system.

To exchange security-related knowledge and experience between experts to improve existing methods and tools and adopt them to new application areas

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

Biometric technologies
Human factor in security
Cryptography and cryptanalysis
Critical infrastructure protection
Hardware-oriented information security
Social theories in information security
Organization- related information security
Pedagogical approaches for information security
Social engineering and human aspects in security
Individuals identification and privacy protection methods
Information security and business continuity management
Decision support systems for information security
Digital right management and data protection
Cyber and physical security infrastructures
Risk assessment and risk management
Tools supporting security management and development
Trust in emerging technologies and applications
Ethical trends in user privacy and trust
Digital forensics and crime science
Security knowledge management
Privacy Enhancing Technologies
Misuse and intrusion detection
Data hide and watermarking
Cloud and big data security
Computer network security
Security and safety
Assurance methods
Security statistics

Conference Web-Site: https://fedcsis.org/2017/insert