16th HEAD Meeting Abstract Submission and Presentation Guidelines

Country: USA

City: Idaho

Abstr. due: 25.05.2017

Dates: 20.08.17 — 24.08.17

Area Of Sciences: Physics and math; Earth sciences;

Organizing comittee e-mail: ts.acsupport@thomson.com

Organizers: American Astronomical Society


Topical Categories

Categories are used as a guide for the HEAD EC to build coherent sessions. The final session assignments and session titles are at the discretion of the EC. If you request to be adjacent to a colleague’s paper, make sure that the same category number appears on both abstracts.
Scientific Categories

    Active Galactic Nuclei and Blazars
    Clusters of Galaxies
    Cosmic Backgrounds and Deep Surveys
    Astroparticles, Cosmic Rays, and Neutrinos
    Supermassive Black Holes
    Galactic Black Holes
    Normal and Starburst Galaxies
    Gamma-ray Bursts
    Gravitational Wave Astronomy
    Interstellar Medium
    Isolated Neutron Stars
    Laboratory Astrophysics
    Missions and Instruments
    Neutrino Astronomy
    Solar and Stellar Coronae
    Supernovae and Supernova Remnants
    White Dwarfs and Cataclysmic Variables
    X-ray Binaries
    Dark Matter and Dark Energy
    Education and Outreach
    Data Analysis and Modeling Techniques


Conference Web-Site: https://aas.org/meetings/head16