3rd International Postgraduate Conference on Aerospace, Manufacturing And Mechanical Engineering 2017

Country: Malaysia

City: Langkawi

Abstr. due: 15.06.2017

Dates: 04.07.17 — 05.07.17

Area Of Sciences: Technical sciences;

Organizing comittee e-mail: infoipnkedah@gmail.com

Organizers: PGTS Conference Management


The organizing committee invites Master, PhD candidates and practitioners worldwide to submit full papers to IPCAMME 2017. IPCAMME 2017  is a premier forum for presenting of new research findings. This conference brings together avid researchers from local and foreign universities. Topics of interest for submission include, but not limited to:

    Software Synthesis for Aerospace
    model-based approaches to software and software-intensive system design
    compositional and hierarchical design approaches for reducing and managing
    approaches to building intelligent and adaptive systems within a safety-critical framework
    the generation of code that is correct-by-construction
    the design of maintainable systems
    Software Analysis for Aerospace
    verification and validation for safety-critical software systems
    security analysis for aerospace communications,
    compositional analysis of code for scalability
    automated testing techniques
    statistical techniques (including data mining and learning) for program and software
    behavior analysis
    Aerospace System Integration
    architectures for safety-critical aerospace systems containing software, hardware, and
     approaches to, benefits of, and limitations of Integrated Modular Avionics frameworks
    human-computer interaction including intelligent cockpits/control towers
    adaptive airspace implementations
    Aerospace Software Policy and Implementation
    the certification of software systems, including DO-178, DO-278, and safety-case based
    decision-making in air systems, including both autonomy and human factors issues
    creating and maintaining a skilled workforce for aerospace software
    Manufacturing Engineering
    Aerospace Engineering
    Aerospace Systems and Technology
    Aeronautical Engineering
    Computational Fluid Dynamics
    Industrial Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering
    Design and Manufacturing
    Life Cycle Design of Products
    Design for Environment
    Design for Manufacturing and Assembly
    Concurrent Engineering
    PDM, PLM, Collaborative Product Design & Commerce
    Condition Monitoring and Vibration Analysis
    Reliability Engineering
    Industrial Tribology
    Applications of AI Techniques in Design and Manufacturing
    Modeling & Optimization of Systems and Processes
    Automation and Robotics
    Non-Traditional Manufacturing
    Advanced Metal Forming,Welding & Casting techniques
    Agile & Lean Manufacturing
    Logistics and SCM
    Reverse Engineering, RP/RT
    Micro-Machining, Nano- Technology & Smart Materials
    Mechatronics, MEMS, NEMS
    Thermal Engineering
    Computational Heat and Mass Transfer
    Internal Combustion Engines
    Alternate fuels
    Advanced Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
    Turbo Machines and Fluid Power Engineering
    Renewable and Non conventional Energy Sources, Energy Systems
    Computational Methods in Thermal Engineering, Optimization Methods, CFD

Conference Web-Site: http://ipcamme2017.weebly.com/