140 Partial and Full Scholarships for International Students at Inha University in Korea

Country: Korea;

Deadline: 07.05.2017

Web-Site: gradeng.inha.ac.kr


Scholarship Guideline

  • The graduate school provides International Students with Jungseok International Scholarship. Qualified students are allowed to receive scholarship covering full or 70% or half of the tuition. In addition to this special scholarship, international students can also receive additional support through various kinds of assistantships.

Jungseok International Scholarship

  • Full / 70% / half tuition fee waived.
  • Number of Annual Selection for Spring & Fall semester
Type of ScholarshipFull Scholarship70% ScholarshipHalf Scholarship
Number of StudentsMax. 50(Only for Ph.D)Max. 30Max. 60
  • Requirements for Jungseok International Scholarship
    • Applicants must meet the following one condition, ⓐ or ⓑ.
      • ⓐ Obtain a grade point average(G.P.A.) above 80% in the previous degree program.
      • ⓑ Have one of below Language Proficiency Certificates.
    • Minimum score of official certificates for Language Proficiency
LanguageLanguage Proficiency TestScore
EnglishTOEFLPBT550 or above
CBT210 or above
IBT80 or above
TOEIC700 or above
TEPS600 or above
IELTS5.5 or above
KoreanTOPIKlevel 3 or above
  • Higher score will be better for receiving the full tuition fee as an International Scholarship.
  • Check the validity period of your Language Proficiency Certificates.
  • To achieve the Schaolarship for the first semester, it is strongly recommended to submit Certificate for Language Proficiency(TOPIK, TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS) when you apply.
  • Part-time students cannot receive any scholarship from the graduate school.
  • Duration of Jungseok International Scholarship
    • Students who admitted before Fall 2009 : Until obtain a degree (Master's or Doctoral)
    • Students who admitted after Spring 2010 :
      • 1) Master's : Up to 4th semester
      • 2) Doctoral : Up to 6th semester
      • 3) Integrated : Up to 10th semester
    • Students who admitted after Sprin 2017 : For whose cumulative GPA is below 3.30, he/she will lost scholarhips from next semester.

Other Scholarship Program

Type of ScholarshipAmount of Scholarship
(per semester)
Laboratory Assistantship 1
  • Master's : KRW 1.1 million
    Doctoral : KRW 1.45 million
Laboratory Assistantship 2
  • Master's : KRW 1.6 million
    Doctoral : KRW 1.95 million
Laboratory Assistantship 3
  • Master's : KRW 2.1 million
    Doctoral : KRW 2.45 million
Teaching Assistantship 1, 2, 3
  • Master's : KRW 1.1 million
    Doctoral : KRW 1.45 million
Office Assistantship
  • KRW 3 million
    (500,000 won * 6 months)
  • Qualification : Appointed by individual department (semester-based)
  • Students who are admitted before 2015(including 2014) can get this scholarship with Jungseok International (Full or Half) Scholarship.
  • Students who are admitted after 2015 can’t get this scholarship with Jungseok International Full Scholarship.