Alvin Plantinga's Work in Philosophy of Religion

Country: Russian Federation

City: Voronezh

Abstr. due: 15.08.2017

Dates: 22.09.17 — 23.09.17

Area Of Sciences: Philosophy;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: Voronezh State University


Voronezh State University in association with Voronezh State Medical University named after N.N. Burdenko and the Voronezh Insitute of Practical Psychology and Psychology of Business are pleased to announce a conference on

«Alvin Plantinga's Work in Philosophy of Religion».

The conference is held in recognition of the work of Alvin Plantinga, in the 85th year of his life and will take place on 22th –23th of September 2017 at Voronezh State University (Russian Federation).

We invite contributions on all aspects of Plantinga's philosophy of religion.

The conference topics include, but are not restricted to the following:

- The epistemology of faith and religious beliefs

- The sensus divinitatis

- God and Evil

- The existence of God

- Reformed Epistemology and Natural Theology

- Theology and A-Theology

Invited speakers:

- Igor Gasparov (Voronezh State Medical University, Voronezh)

- Victor Gorbatov (Higher School of Economics, Moscow)

- Julia Gorbatova (Higher School of Economics, Moscow)

- Cyrill Karpov (Insitute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow)

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