Future Innovators Summit

Country: Austria;

Deadline: 17.07.2017

Web-Site: aec.at


Following its successful premiere at Ars Electronica Festival 2014, and subsequent inspirational editions in 2015 and 2016, the Future Innovators Summit (FIS) has established itself as a dynamic think-tank and key program within Ars Electronica Festival. Now in its fourth year, Future Innovators from different cultures and backgrounds and from different fields such as artists, designers, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, social activists and philosophers will gather in September in Linz to explore new ways of collective brainstorming and creative prototyping on the crucial questions of the future.

Supported by experienced partners such as Hakuhodo (JP) and Internet Foundation Austria as well as outstanding experts from all over the world, the Future Innovators of the Future Innovators Summit 2017 will be challenged to look for the ultimate Creative Question which will lead us to think about Missions for Tomorrow– concepts which are inevitably linked to the main topic of the festival “Artificial Intelligence – The Other I”.

Are you the next Future Innovators of 2017?

Expanding on the creative questions from Future Innovators Summit 2016, we are searching for people who have conceptual ideas to respond to the questions of 2017, who can imagine alternative future scenarios and who have the skills to tackle the challenges involved in responding to a creative question and presenting the responses to the festival audience.

What are the themes of FIS2017?

The Future Innovators of the Future Innovators Summit 2017 will be set the challenge of looking for the ultimate Creative Question for each theme, which will lead us to thinking of Missions for Tomorrow.

Future Humanity

When we are facing a world where machines could evolve to be better thinkers and better doers than humans, what future awaits us? And what will be our motivations to live? Future Humanity seeks out our visions and missions in correlation with technology, other beings and ourselves.

  • How can we be more human?
  • How can a machine love a human? And vice versa?
  • How can we live as a multiple “I”?
  • Future Work

    Who or what defines our concept of work in today’s world and, when and how will this change? For what reasons and mission do we work, and what will we as humans be looking for in the future? Future Work will explore how and why we work and what the concept of work will really look like in years to come.

  • What if we don’t need to work anymore, what do humans need instead of working?
  • How can AI’s and humans share the same mission for the future?
  • What kind of education is needed for joblessness in the 21st Century?
  • What’s the role of social capital in driving regional sustainable growth and innovation?
  • Future Home

    What is your home? The meaning of home has continuously been evolving since humans first walked the earth. Once considered as a refuge for survival, living and relaxing, but now for future nomads, what will smart homes, creative hubs, digital communities, cities and nation states be? What other factors of homes need attention for us to acknowledge the place that we take shelter, as home? Future Home asks you to evolvement of homes in the future.

  • What factors give us the feeling of home in the future? And what will the home look like?
  • How can we build a sense of solidarity as family and community in the future?
  • How can AI’s become a part of your family?


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