PhD grants - Joint Doctoral Prgramme in Arts and Archaeology (Universiteit Gent/ Università di Verona)

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Aug 15, 2017 23:59


LW02 - Department of Archaeology


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Call 2017
Joint Doctoral Programme in Arts and Archaeology 
Universiteit Gent / Università di Verona


Announcement and application information


The Joint Doctoral Programme in Arts and Archaeology (JDP) is shared and implemented by Universiteit Gent (Belgium) and Università di Verona (Italy).  It lasts for 4 academic years from 1 October 2017 to 30 September 2021. The final discussion of the dissertation will occur no later than April 2022. 
As this is a joint doctoral program, the enrolled students will receive at the end of the course a title of Doctor (PhD) issued by both partner Universities.
The selected students will be enrolled in both the Università di Verona and the Universiteit Gent according to the timetable in the normative part of this call and the rules of the Universiteit Gent and the Università di Verona

The Joint Doctoral Programme in Arts and Archaeology (JDP) is divided into two curricula:

  • Curriculum in Art
  • Curriculum in Archaeology

(In the Application Form candidates will be required to choose one of the curricula listed above).

The language of communication of the JDP will be English. The taught part of the program will be in English.
Call for:

2 PhD Grants

Starting from 1 October 2017
The deadline for project proposals is:
August 15, 2017 at 23.59 (Belgian time).

Applications must be send to 




Definition of terms
As part of the Joint Doctoral Programme in Arts and Archaeology (JDP by Universiteit Gent (Belgium) and Università di Verona (Italy) 2 new PhD scholarships are being granted to predoctoral researchers, aimed at obtaining a doctoral degree within 4 years. These grants are initially awarded for 2 years. After an intermediate evaluation, for which the Research Council assesses the probability that the grant will lead to a PhD degree, a second term of 2 years can be granted. The amount of the scholarship is approximately € 1.958 per month, depending on the family status of the scholar. Based on the advice of the Research Council, a bench fee of € 7.440 (€ 310/month) will be awarded to the promoter per term of 2 years.

Requirements regarding the appointment of candidates

At the start of the BOF fellowship, candidates must qualify for a ‘dehousse scholarship’, which is a PhD scholarship exempted from taxation


The PhD grant research proposal must be submitted English.


The applications for a BOF PhD grant have to be submitted on the forms provided for that purpose:

The application has to be submitted by e-mail to  (please use a PDF converted from of the Word document and not a scanned PDF). You will receive an email confirming the receipt of the application. These e-mails are not generated automatically. it is possible that there is some delay in receiving a confirmation e-mail.

The application document has to be named as followed: “surname candidate_first name candidate_DOC application”. Send the application form and annexes as separate PDF-files.

The application deadline for PhD grants is August 15, 2017 at 23.59 (Belgian time).

The deadline will be strictly respected; late or incomplete applications will be rejected without review. 

The following enclosures should be added to the application:

Only for non-Ghent University degrees (including interuniversitary programs at Ghent University): copies of diplomas and transcripts of records.

Evaluation and granting
The Joint PhD committee will evaluate the PhD grant proposals. They will make a motivated selection of the applications and will base their recommendation on the evaluation of the qualifications of the applicant (study results) and the PhD project proposal; The scientific potential as well as the development of the scientific potential of the research groups will be taken into account for this evaluation.

Short listed candidates will be invited for an interview in late August. 

Additional information
For additional information concerning this call please contact

  • for art history
  • for archeology



Incomplete applications will not be considered.



1. Administrative data

1.1 Title of the doctoral research 

Concise title of the doctoral research project.

1.2 Candidate
Contact data of the candidate. Please note that the communication will happen at the beginning of September 2017. Provide the post address where the official documents concerning the application can be sent to at that time.

1.3 Abstract of the proposed research project in Dutch and English
Please give a short Dutch and English description of the proposed research project in maximum 60 words. Include the title of the project, the abstract and also at least 3 keywords.


2. The candidate

2.1 Studies

Candidates will be evaluated on the basis of:

  • Study results

All candidates are asked to give the study results:

  • For each year of study if there is a yearly result available.
  • For each diploma if there is only an end result available.

2.2 Research grants or positions at Ghent University

If the candidate has already had any research grants or positions at Ghent University after obtaining the university degree, mention them here (including any current position, stating whether this position is renewable and whether one has already applied to have it renewed). Mention the start and end date of each grant and position

2.3 Research grants or positions outside Ghent University

If the candidate has already had any research grants or positions during or after the university studies outside Ghent University, mention them here, (including any current position, stating whether this position is renewable and whether one has already applied to have it renewed). Mention the start and end date of each grant and position.

2.4 Thesis

If the candidate has a Master’s degree, please give the title of the Master’s thesis (dissertation) and the requested information.

2.5 Scientific awards and distinctions

If the candidate has received any scientific awards or distinctions, please mention here when and for which achievement they have been awarded.

2.6 Studies abroad

If the candidate has done  part of the studies abroad (outside the homeland), specify it here (country, duration, …). Also stays abroad as part of an exchange program (e.g. Erasmus) can be mentioned here. Please do not mention attendances to international conferences.

2.7 Planned courses and training

If the candidate plans courses and training during the PhD grant please mention them here.

2.8 Scientific studies planned abroad

If the candidate plans  scientific studies abroad during the PhD grant, other than the obligatory collaboration with the Università di Verona please mention them here.

2.9 Scientific publications of the candidate





3. The PhD research

3.1 Explain the proposed doctoral research and give a work plan and time schedule with bibliography of all cited articles (max. 3 p. excluding the detailed bibliographic list).

Concise scholarly/scientific explanation, with a description of the objective of your doctoral project and the progress which it would represent in relation to the current state of research in the field. The work plan will include a scholarly/scientific and technical description of the planned activities aimed at achieving the established objective and, if possible, the planning and time schedule.  Please add a detailed bibliographic list of all cited articles, books, others.
Please respect the maximum number of pages and use font type Arial size 10.

4. Parallel applications

Indicate whether the doctoral research application as a whole – or some part of it – has also been submitted elsewhere