Conversing among the Ruins: the Persistence of the Baroque

Country: USA

City: Las Vegas

Abstr. due: 01.10.2017

Dates: 16.02.18 — 17.02.18

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Organizers: Western Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies


The theme is "Conversing among the Ruins:  the Persistence of the Baroque."   Interdisciplinary papers treating all aspects of the baroque alongside presentations on any aspect of eighteenth-century thought and culture are invited, and possible topics could include:



                                        Ideas of the Baroque across the Arts

                                      Baroque, Rococo, and Neoclassicism
                                      Ideology, Deformation, and Difference

                                  Gottfried Von Leibniz and the Baroque Fold

                                   Music and Painting as Social Performance
                                        Heinrich Wölfflin and Baroque Style
                                           Baroque Piety and the Passions

                                      The Baroque State and Enlightenment                            
                              Baroque Enterprise:  Diderot, Rameau, and Greuze

                              Baroque Borrowings: Hogarth, Handel, and Richardson
                                     Sponsored Architecture and Public Spaces

                                      Baroque Court Culture and Autocracy
                                                Baroque Music in Exile
                                Beyond Europe: Music from Africa and the Americas

                                         The Neo-Baroque and Postmodernism

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