Particle Dynamics in the Earth’s Radiation Belts - Chapman Conference 2018

Country: Portugal

City: Cascais

Abstr. due: 11.10.2017

Dates: 04.03.18 — 09.03.18

Area Of Sciences: Physics and math; Earth sciences;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: American Geophysical Union (AGU


The high-quality data from NASA’s Van Allen Probes are the most comprehensive in-situ measurements ever taken in the near-Earth space radiation environment. This, coupled with recent advances in radiation belt theory and modeling, including innovative techniques and dramatic increases in computational power and numerical simulation capabilities, has ushered in a new era, perhaps even a “golden era,” in radiation belt research. Thus, we convene an international conference, bringing together researchers from around the world, to discuss, debate, and further our understanding of this important region of geospace. Specifically, we will address the following aspects of radiation belt particle dynamics: Particle Acceleration and Transport; Particle Loss; the Role of Nonlinear Processes; New Radiation Belt Modeling Capabilities and the Quantification of Model Uncertainties; and Laboratory Plasma Experiments, as they relate to particle dynamics in the Earth’s radiation belts. One of the primary focuses of the conference will be to answer the following question: Can we determine quantitatively, which acceleration/transport/loss mechanisms dominate either statistically or in a given electron enhancement event?

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