ICLS 2018 : International Conference for the Learning Sciences: Doctoral Consortium

Country: United Kingdom

City: London

Abstr. due: 15.01.2018

Dates: 23.06.18 — 24.06.18

Area Of Sciences: Pedagogy;

Organizing comittee e-mail: icls2018dc@gmail.com

Organizers: Carnegie Mellon University, University of Sussex, Shizuoka University


The International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS 2018) Doctoral Consortium, designed to support the growth of young talented individuals working in the learning sciences, provides an opportunity for advanced Ph.D. students to share their dissertation research with their peers and a panel of faculty serving as mentors. Participants will engage in collaborative inquiry and scholarly discourse to improve their dissertation work and to advance their understanding of the learning sciences. To benefit from the Doctoral Consortium, applicants should be advanced graduate students, and be at a stage in their dissertation research where the participants and mentors may be of help in shaping and framing the research and analysis activities.
Participants for the Doctoral Consortium will be selected on the basis of the academic quality of their proposal; relevance and potential contribution to the field of the learning sciences; recommendation from the advisor (supervisor); and their anticipated contribution to the workshop goals. The proposals will be reviewed by two international experts in the field. An effort will be made to keep the participating group small to encourage interaction and collaboration.

Objectives and design
The Doctoral Consortium aims to:
 • Provide an opportunity for participants to reflect on their dissertation research and to identify problems/issues for discussion and inquiry;
• Provide a setting for participants to contribute ideas and receive feedback and guidance on their current research;
• Provide a forum for discussing theoretical and methodological issues of central importance to the learning sciences;
• Develop a network of supportive scholars in the learning sciences across countries and continents;
• Collaborate and draw upon literature across countries and institutions;
• Contribute to the conference experience of participating students through interaction with other participants, mentors and organizers; and
• Support young researchers in their effort to enter the learning sciences research community.
 Doctoral Consortium activities are organized around small-group interactions. During the workshop, participants will first present their research briefly to familiarize each other with their dissertation project and highlight specific aspects they would like to have further discussion on or receiving input on how to approach them; intriguing issues and tensions for learning sciences research generally; methodological problems that other Ph.D. students are likely to be confronted with, or issues that have the potential of stimulating discussions of theoretical and methodological significance. Then, based on the common issues and themes identified (theoretical models, research design and questions, pedagogy and technology, data collection, methods of analysis etc.)  participants will form small groups supported by an expert mentor, to engage in further inquiry and discussion. Participants will work on the various problems and issues identified making reference to their own dissertation project and the broader field of the learning sciences. After the small group interactions, participants will report their progress and new questions to the whole group. Plans for further joint activity will be discussed as well.

Conference Web-Site: https://icls2018.weebly.com/doctoral-consortium-early-and-mid-career-workshops.html