Drug Hypersensitivity Meeting

Country: Netherlands

City: Amsterdam

Abstr. due: 15.01.2018

Dates: 19.04.18 — 21.04.18

Area Of Sciences: Medicine; Pharmaceutics;

Organizing comittee e-mail: education@eaaci.org

Organizers: EAACI


The 8th Drug Hypersensitivity Meeting (DHM) will take place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, from 19 - 21 April 2018. This biannual event started in Bern in 2004 and was successfully held in Liverpool 2006, Paris 2008, Rome 2010, Munich 2012, Bern 2014 and Malaga, 2016.
DHM is an interdisciplinary meeting, bringing together researchers and physicians from different disciplines to exchange their most up-to-date data in this continually evolving field and to transfer them into clinical practice. It is the leading event of its kind, attracting up to 400 physicians and researchers from all over the world.
Again we hope to entice you with a programme where the latest laboratory findings meet the clinical riddles, where we discuss our new challenges in our day to day practice. This includes the checkpoint inhibitors and the role of genetics, epigenetics and enzymes, and our old challenges such as hypersensitivity to antibiotics and anesthetics and the mechanisms of hypersensitivity reactions. And of course we hope you will enjoy the beautiful old inner city of Amsterdam with its museums, restaurants and other well-known attractions!

Allergic and immunologic diseases (such as asthma, rhinitis, eczema and occupational allergy, food and drug allergy, severe anaphylactic reactions, autoimmune disorders, immunodeficiencies) represent current crippling or life threatening conditions and are a cause of worldwide concern.

The European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, EAACI, is an association including over 50 National Allergy Societies, more than 10,000 academicians, research investigators and clinicians, from 121 different countries, aimed at:

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    Functioning as a scientific reference body for other scientific, health and political organisations
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    Promoting good patient care in this important area of medicine

EAACI is a non-profit organisation. Income derived from fees, congress and meeting profits are devoted to current activities, research and travel awards, and initiatives of interest to members.

The EAACI was established in 1956 in Florence. Constitution and By-Laws were registered in Utrecht in 1957. More than fifteen European triennial congresses and 25 annual meetings have been held in various European cities since 1956, all providing substantial progress in knowledge and an opportunity for exchanging ideas and friendship. Due to the fact that there has been such an inflow of information surrounding Allergy, it was decided that from 1999 there will be a four-day Congress every year.


Conference Web-Site: http://www.eaaci.org/focused-meetings/dhm-2018