International Child Phonology Conference 2018

Country: Greece

City: Crete

Abstr. due: 20.01.2018

Dates: 18.06.18 — 20.06.18

Area Of Sciences: Humanities;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: IOC


The International Child Phonology Conference (ICPC) 2018 will host original research on all aspects of children's language development and use in L1, bilingualism, multilingualism, dialects, and early second language acquisition, in typical and atypical (delayed/disordered) contexts. ICPC encourages a multi- and inter-disciplinary approach across phonology, phonetics, relationships between phonological development and other aspects of language acquisition, production and perception, psycholinguistics, cognitive linguistics, neurolinguistics, clinical phonetics and linguistics, sign language, acoustics, computational modelling, educational linguistics, and the application of new technologies.

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