Workshop on the Processing of Prosody across Languages and Varieties

Country: New Zealand

City: Wellington

Abstr. due: 16.04.2018

Dates: 29.11.18 — 30.11.18

Area Of Sciences: Humanities;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: University of New South Wales


As an integral part of spoken language, prosody has been shown to play an important role in many speech production and perception processes. However, our knowledge of the role of prosody in speech processing draws on a relatively narrow range of (mostly closely related) languages. There is an urgent need for more psycholinguistic research looking at commonalities and differences in the use of prosodic cues in speech processing across different languages, and also different varieties of major languages. This workshop aims to bring together researchers working in this area. We are particularly interested in research on: (i) the role of prosody in semantic interpretation, including information structure; and (ii) prosody as an organisational structure for speech production and perception, including multimodal perspectives.

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