“6th International Congress on Maternal-Infant-Nutrition in the First 1000 Days

Country: Turkey

City: Antalya

Abstr. due: 15.02.2018

Dates: 14.03.18 — 18.03.18

Area Of Sciences: Medicine; Pharmaceutics; Psychology;

Organizing comittee e-mail: venera@ftskongre.org

Organizers: FTS KONGRE

Phone / Fax: +905545692473

Conference fees and accomodation: http://en.annecocukbeslenmesi.org/registration-accomodation-information


Dear Colleagues,

It’s our great privilege and special pleasure to invite you to the “6th International Congress on Maternal-Infant-Nutrition in the First 1000 Days” which will be held by YISAV between 14-18 March 2018 at Gloria Golf Resort Hotels in Antalya, Turkey. As you know, a child’s future health is largely determined in the first 1000 days after conception, meaning pregnancy + the first two years of childhood. Proper nutrition, birth type, breast feeding during this period is very important and this is supported by many scientific works. Malnutrition in the first 1000 days not only leads to the risk of chronic diseases and psychiatric disorders, but also causes physical, mental and metabolic malfunctions, epigenetic changes and problems in brain development and functions. Maternal stress and unnecessary use of antibiotics or corticosteroids lead to the changes mother’s microbiota, weakens immune system, which in turn may cause increase in infections like diarrhea, pneumonia and other atopic diseases. Improper nutrition in the first 1000 days is one of the factors that can increase mother-child death rate.

Despite all the socio-economic and cultural changes in our country, improper and insufficient nutrition are still remaining. Giving too many births, adolescent and late age pregnancies, time period less than two years between pregnancies, high rates of cesarean births, common use of antibiotics and glucocorticosteroids and  lack of knowledge about nutrition, difficulties for reaching the essential nutrients, increased frequency of anemia and diabetes during pregnancy, even if the rate of breast feeding is high during the first 24 hours, and rapidly decreasing and early quitting of breast feeding is fairly high are problems which should be solved by us.

YISAV is a non-governmental organization that works in the field of reproductive health immediately since it was founded in 1995. YISAV works to raise awareness of our colleagues and society about the importance of nutrition, fetal programming and micobiota in the first 1000 days and provides its sustainability. With this purpose, YISAV organized its first congress at the beginning of 2013 with support of Turkish Ministry of Health, the second one at the beginning of 2014, the third one in March 2015, the forth one in March 2016 and the fifth one in March 2017, and we obtained very positive results. All the Province Public Health Directorship Representatives, Turkish Ministry of Health, obstetricians and gynecologists, pediatricians, family physicians, public health specialists, dietitians, nurses and midwives participated in these congresses. This year, our 6th Congress will be held between 14-18 March, 2018. National and international participants from similar areas will attend again as well as other relevant government institutions and many civil society organizations.

The 6th Congress to be held in Antalya has been transformed into an international congress. The number of foreign speakers and participants is significantly increasing. I would like to give good news that, with the help of the organizing committee the scientific program is upgraded with local and foreign speakers who are the experts in their fields. As a novelty, it will also be possible to publish the abstracts of the 2018 congress papers in an indexed journal.

In line with these considerations, we hope to see you among us and look forward to your valuable contribution and confirmed presence to the “6th International Congress on Maternal-Infant-Nutrition in the First 1000 Days” which will be held between 14-18 March 2018 at Gloria Golf Resort in Antalya.



YISAV and Congress President

Conference Web-Site: http://en.annecocukbeslenmesi.org