Diachronic Emergence 2018

Country: Germany

City: Cologne

Abstr. due: 01.04.2018

Dates: 25.10.18 — 26.10.18

Area Of Sciences: Philosophy;

Organizing comittee e-mail: uheister@uni-koeln.de

Organizers: Universität zu Köln


We invite submissions of abstracts of maximum 1000 words, suitable for one-hour presentation (including +/- 20 minutes Q&A). Abstracts should be fully anonymized and sent via email to Mrs. Ursula Heister (uheister@uni-koeln.de), with, in the body of the email, the author’s name, affiliation and contact information. We especially encourage submissions from women researchers and junior scholars.

The main motivation for the present conference is that most theories of emergence, though potentially fruitful in their own way, are not comprehensive, in that they share a common bias that make them blind to some conceptual space available to emergence and, accordingly, to some clear-cut empirical cases of such an emergence. The hypothesized bias is twofold: it consists in considering whatever emerges to be both systematically simultaneous with, as well as belonging to a higher level with respect to, what it emerges from. In other words, it is about postulating that the emergence relation essentially is both synchronic and hierarchical. The main objective of this conference is to explore alternative perspectives on emergence that one can devise as soon as one is ready to put aside such a synchronic and/or hierarchical bias, to the effect that emergence is considered in a diachronic and/or a non-holistic fashion (on the model of, e.g., Humphreys’ (2016) “transformational emergence”).

All philosophical approaches to diachronic and/or non-holistic emergence are welcome, ranging from the history of philosophy, contemporary metaphysics or epistemology, or the philosophy of particular sciences, where ascriptions of diachronic and/or non-holistic emergence can be made.

Conference Web-Site: https://philevents.org/event/show/40682