ICSILP18: International Conference on Science and Innovation for Land Power 2018

Country: Australia

City: Adelaide

Abstr. due: 11.05.2018

Dates: 05.09.18 — 06.09.18

Organizing comittee e-mail: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=icsilp18

Organizers: The Defence Science and Technology (DST) Group


The 2018 International Conference on Science and Innovation for Land Power (ICSILP 2018), formerly the Future Land Force Conference, is Australia’s premier event for defence researchers, industry professionals, and academics interested in transforming the military land force through science and technology. In 2018, ICSILP will again be in Adelaide, Australia, in conjunction with Land Forces 2018.

The Theme of ICSILP 2018 will be with the theme of "Innovation through Technology Convergence for Land Power". It will address the question of how technology convergence, innovation and science can modernise armies to become more agile and potent in the challenging environments of land operations, and survive and counter emerging physical, electronic and cyber threats. The conference will include invited and technical presentations, interactive sessions, and a panel discussion with well-regarded national and international defence science, industry and military representatives.  
List of Topics

ICSILP is seeking submissions in two key topic areas:

    Topic 1: Autonomy Enhancing Land Power. Robotics and autonomous systems have great potential to enhance Land Power through increased situational awareness and protection, reduced Soldier physical and cognitive workload, and more effective movement, manouevre and sustainment. Themes of interest in this topic area include but are not limited to:
        Persistent Surveillance and Reconnaissance
        Embodied Intelligence
        Automated Data Fusion and Decision Support
        Autonomous Logistics
        5th Generation Soldier Combat System
        Context-Aware Machines
        Autonomous Decoys and Signature Management
        Robotics for “Dirty, Dull, Dangerous” Tasks
        Unmanned and Optionally Crewed Vehicles
        Unattended Ground Systems
        Reasoning and Learning Machines
        Self-Aware Computing
    Topic 2: Technology Convergence Innovation. Technology convergence describes the close integration and cohabitation of different technologies, each contributing something unique, to create new functionality and utility. Themes of interest in this topic area include but are not limited to:
        Convergence enabling Capability
        Human-Machine and Machine-Machine Teaming
        Collaborating Technologies
        Multi-functional Sensors and Effectors
        Networking of “Things” (including IoT)
        Technology Appropriation
        Land Combat System
        Digitisation Exploitation
        Technology Exaptation
        Architectural Innovation


Conference Web-Site: http://www.landforces.com.au/conferences/conferences.asp