SPE Thermal Well Integrity and Design Symposium

Country: Canada

City: Banff

Abstr. due: 07.05.2018

Dates: 27.11.18 — 29.11.18

Area Of Sciences: Physics and math;

Organizing comittee e-mail: Ajba_b2c0070347_60712@spe.org "SPE"

Organizers: Society of Petroleum Engineers


Join your fellow SPE members and experts in the global thermal in-situ community to share the latest in well design practices and well integrity solutions. As projects require significant capital investment over long timeframes, the consistent application of sound engineering principles through the life cycle of a well must continue even during commodity price cycles.

Through the progression of new technology and practical sharing of ideas among participants, the industry will improve the collective recovery, efficiency, longevity, and liability of existing and planned thermal wells.

Abstract Submission Categories
​1. Thermal Well Production Operations

    Start-up and Re-start of SAGD Wells
    Well Design for Production Optimization
    Well Operating and Inspection
    Flow Control Devices and Sand Control
    In-well Completion Equipment Reliability

2. Thermal Well Design

    Corrosion and Scale Issues
    Casing and Connection Integrity and Design
    Cement Design
    Insulated Completions and Applications
    Wellhead Integrity
    Thermal Liner Design and Integrity

3. Thermal Drilling and Completions Operations

    Infill and Step-out Well Designs
    Drilling in Steam Chambers
    Ghost Holes, Cap Rock Repairs
    Diagnostics and Well Integrity Remediation and Repairs
    Fit for Service Testing

​4. Data Analytics in Well Integrity

    Well Integrity Management and Systems
    Well Integrity Programs and Testing
    Risk Identification and Management
    Observation Wells and Failure Detection Technology​

5. Regulatory and Liability Management

    Well Integrity and Well Life Cycle
     Surface Casing Vent Flows and Gas Migration
    Abandonments in Thermal Environments
    Repurposing Existing Wells for Thermal Stimulation and Production​

6. Geo-mechanical Impacts on Thermal Well Construction

    Caprock Integrity and Ground Movement
    External Impacts Intermediate Casing in Thermal Projects
    Formation Stress Re-establishment on Production Liners​


Conference Web-Site: http://www.spe.org/events/en/2018/symposium/18twid/spe-thermal-well-integrity-design-symposium-canada.html